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I am in close contact with many people there. The MPs in the plenary session of the state parliament passed the new Bavarian Infection Protection Act with the votes of all political parties. Or a specific question that we should answer? Trip to the mountains allowed, but not recommended. Short-time work benefits are granted for a maximum of 24 months. According to the management, the Deutsches Theater is currently developing a concept and a seating plan with reduced seating capacity. The Hospitals in Bavaria consider themselves well-prepared for the rising number of Corona patients. Economists expected a rebounding of the economy in the third quarter due to the easing of coronavirus related restrictions, but saw the possibility of a second wave of infections hanging as a threat over those predictions. Two women and a man from Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and Freiburg, respectively, tested positive. [219], On 19 March, discussions of the Minister presidents of the German states and Merkel regarding a curfew were set for 22 March. Starting May 25 they may reopen their indoor areas, but with restrictions and only until 10 pm. From Monday on, the recycling depot in Bad Kissingen also reopens. "To protect both", as transport minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) said. Find more information on the poll and the app here. If infections were to resurge, which would be visible after two weeks, another shutdown would follow, an outcome which had to be prevented for the sake of the economy. On 25 and 26 February, multiple cases related to the Italian outbreak were detected in Baden-Württemberg. The judges granted the emergency appeal by two Austrian pupils attending a grammar school in the district of Berchtesgadener Land. In case someone doesn’t have a mouth-nose-coverage, they will provide one. From April 27, final classes will return to schools. Travel restrictions and special hygiene regulations therefore continue to apply, which also affect Germany. From a legal point of view, it is still allowed to do trips into the mountains, but the German Alpine Association strongly advises not to do it. In addition to the previous measures (see report of 13.10.2020), the mask requirement will be extended to theatres, concert halls, other stages and cinemas, conferences and congresses as well as sport events. [102], On 9 March, the first COVID-19 deaths in Germany, an 89-year-old woman in Essen and a 78-year-old man in Heinsberg, were reported. Bars, pubs, discotheques, saunas, public swimming baths, cinemas and theaters remain closed for the time being. The Bavarian cabinet has agreed on a "Bavarian plan" for Corona. Otherwise, up to 100 people are allowed, but no spectators. It is also about how the state can access personnel such as doctors and nurses. How nice it was to cook and pray together." Car dealers, bike dealers and bookstores are exempt from the square meter limit. Under the newly agreed conditions, a maximum of two different households can meet in public. The district of Rhön-Grabfeld in Lower Franconia exceeds the critical level of 50 new infections within seven days per 100,000 inhabitants. Restaurants were ordered to limit their dine-in opening hours to before 3:00 pm; to ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between guests; and to accommodate a maximum of 30 guests. Municipalities that are above that level may have to take back any relaxation of restrictions on freedom rights. Employees must also wear a face mask - this also applies to the kitchen, unless the 1.5-meter minimum distance can be maintained there. According to Minister of Education Karliczek there won’t be normal lessons in schools until next year. [296], On 20 May, in response to the recent outbreaks of COVID-19 at several meat processing plants, the German government agreed on a new framework of regulations for the industry, including an effective ban on subcontracting at meat packing plants, as well as tighter supervision of any living quarters provided by the employers. The Latest: Germany’s virus death toll hits over 50,000 The State, South Carolina 07:53. 2,100,618. This refers to rent arrears in the period of April 1st to September 30th 2020. The director of the Bavarian Hospital Association, Hasenbein, said in an interview with the BR that there were currently 4,000 beds in intensive care units available all over Bavaria. It is his decision whether to accommodate the needs of the employee. In a regional comparison, Bavaria's decline of 18.8 percent is just above the national average. Don't rule out … Warning: Many people with corona have no or only mild symptoms. The restrictions on movement have been extended and remain valid until May 4. As of today, on April 11, 31,773 people are infected with the coronavirus. [322], On 29 September, Chancellor Angela Merkel explained that the government's guidelines to tackle the virus, encapsulated in the acronym AHA, which stands for distancing, hygiene and masks, will be extended to become AHACL. About 300 people were sent off. Since it is impossible to predict how the pandemic would develop, Huml asked all nurses, all nursing assistants, as well as medical technical assistants and medical assistants who were not currently working in this profession and did not belong to any risk group, for support. Bavarian retailers have criticized the delayed opening of stores in the Free State. Recovered (24h) 272,003. From next Monday, January 18, 2021, FFP2 masks will be mandatory when using public transport as well as in retail outlets in Bavaria. for children with special educational needs. The new measures in Nuremberg will initially apply until December 20, 2020. New Year events would be banned, as would be drinking of alcohol in public places for the whole lockdown period. [60] In January 2021, Huml was moved to a position in the Bavarian State Chancellery. [202][200], On 15 March, local elections in Bavaria took place amid the crisis. On Monday (11.5.) According to Lufthansa, customers whose flights have been cancelled or who can’t take their flight, can keep their ticket and change their booking to a new travel date (by the 30th of April 2021 at the latest) and a new destination if needed. Excursions into the mountains are still legally permitted, although the German Alpine Club strongly advises against this. Both ministers explained after the extraordinary meeting of the cabinet on Monday that up to 50 billion Euros were at disposal for that. Specifically, the curfew in gastronomy will be brought forward from 10 pm to 9 pm. The centralised oral examinations in foreign languages will also be postponed. The federal employment agency „Bundesagentur für Arbeit“ asks clients to call them only if absolutely necessary. The new pandemic protection law determines that the statutory health insurance companies must pay for corona tests even if someone doesn’t show any symptoms. [20] Spahn anticipates that burdens for hospitals and medical practices in the corona crisis will continue to rise. [180] Several matches of the soccer leagues, including Bundesliga derbies would be played behind closed doors, a first in the 57-year history of the Bundesliga. Official statistical figures are not available yet. Prime Minister Söder announced that he was going to abstain from having small and medium-sized enterprises use up their private liquid assets before getting emergency aids. This is mainly to prevent possible day tourism to Austria. [395] Many protesters vented their anger at Chancellor Merkel, Health Minister Spahn and virologist Drosten, who had risen to prominence during the early stage of the pandemic through his podcasts. transfusion medicine of the University Hospital Würzburg, Find more information on the poll and the app here, A BR data evaluation now shows how the virus might have spread to Germany and the rest of Europe, Motorway A8: Service area "Hochfelln-Nord". Reiter is in discussion with the applicants who would have registered 10,000 people, Reiter said. Bavaria is holding together really well.". [297], New outbreaks at initial reception facilities (called Ankerzentren in several German states) and other housing for refugees continued to be reported in several parts of Germany. On 23 October, the Corona-Warn-App was reported to have 16 million active users. The youngest of the Covid-19 patients showing symptoms were in their early twenties," said the physician. For about 35,000 Bavarian pupils, the ‘Abitur’ school-leaving exams begin on Wednesday. According to the Institute, people are considered to have recovered if their registration date was more than two weeks ago, there was no hospital stay without a known discharge date and no death was reported. It would remain permitted to go to work as well as to supermarkets, medics and pharmacies, under the condition that the trip is solitary or with housemates. In Bavaria, he was the first policeman on active duty to die from a corona infection. In order to fight the spread of the Corona virus, people in Austria will have to wear a face mask in future, when they go shopping. Children still should not play with others," the minister said. As announced by the Ministry of Family Affairs, from Monday employees working in health care or nursing can also take advantage of emergency care in schools and daycare centers for their children if only one parent works in these areas. Fireworks and firecrackers: The sale of firecrackers has been prohibited in Bavaria since December 16. The BR also learned from government circles that there would be extensive closings of bars, clubs, swimming pools and cinemas. There have been fewer reports of burglaries, shoplifting, bodily harm, fraud and sex offenses. The announced free corona tests are primarily intended only for residents registered in the Free State of Bavaria. The program allows freelance artists to receive up to 1,000 euros per month over a period of three months, if their income is not sufficient to secure their livelihood due to the Corona pandemic. A certificate of eligibility is sufficient as proof of need. However, the absolute majority of care facilities are operated by independent organizations, churches or welfare organizations. Gastronomy: As of today, outdoor gastronomy in Bavaria may reopen - under strict conditions: there is a limited number of guests, distance regulations must be observed and hygiene concepts must be implemented. Bavaria is significantly increasing its aid program for the cultural sector, which has been hard hit by the Corona crisis: 200 million euros instead of the previously planned 90 million euros are now to be made available for artists in Bavaria. The goal remains to get all classes back to schools "this year". Mai in Berlin", "German May Day protesters defy social distancing rules", "Mehr als 1000 Menschen bei unerlaubten Protesten", "1. Starting Monday Tierpark Hellabrunn will reopen - but with limited access. According to a ministry spokesman, the number of coronavirus-positive employees in the Lower Bavarian company rose to 14. Tönnies apologized for the outbreak. rate of 7% will apply as of July. The planned demonstration in Kempten has also been cancelled due to bad weather. [258], On 29 March, in Berlin and Hamburg two demonstrations for the adoption of more refugees were considered a violation of the contact ban and were dispersed by police forces. The taxi industry in Germany has been severely affected by the corona crisis. Furthermore, from Monday onwards, short stays in foreign risk areas are only possible for a maximum of 24 hours (previously 48 hours) without subsequent quarantine. The first stage will be applied to a seven-day incidence of up to 35 and will include regular operation under hygiene conditions. "Anyone who thinks Corona is slowly disappearing is at best naive," said Söder. What happens afterwards will be decided at the end of April. There are no prospects for fitness centres to reopen yet. People from the age of six must cover their mouth and nose in shops and public transport, as well as at bus stops and tram and train stations. Some users use wet wipes, paper towels or paper tissues instead. If there are many doctors who do not want to do tests, there will be a list of doctors that citizens can consult. In addition, private celebrations such as weddings and birthdays as well as meetings in public spaces will be limited to a maximum of five people or two households. Economic research institutes have also anticipated a recession for Germany. Trade fairs and congresses: With immediate effect, trade fairs and congresses are allowed again in Bavaria. The conditions include hygiene plans, wearing a face mask and keeping a minimum distance of two meters between worshipers. In his dissertation published in 1999, Christian Scholz provided research results that now co-found the extraordinary reliability of the corona antibody test, explains the University of Bayreuth in a press release. [176] The Health Minister emphasised the responsibility of each individual to slow down spread and ruled out preemptive closing of daycare centres or schools. Their argument: The dangers caused by the corona pandemic outweighed the restrictions on personal freedom. From Saturday (9.5.) The town of Mitterteich in the Oberpfalz, which has a population of just under 7,000, has become a Corona focus in the past few days, said District Administrator Wolfgang Lippert in a press conference in Tirschenreuth. Operations at Bavarian airports, which have largely come to a standstill due to the corona crisis, are slowly increasing again. The limitation initially lasts for 30 days. The host must remain in police custody until the end of the exit restriction next Sunday, a judge decided. According to internal information by Roche, there has been a breakthrough. He appealed to the public to apply physical distancing even as the federal and state governments began to relax restrictions on social movement, Going to shops, to work and also exercise in the fresh air remain permitted - the latter only with one's own household, life partners and relatives in a straight line as well as siblings. An exception introduced in the corona epidemic that this could also be done after consulting the doctor by phone will not be extended. The 25-year-old Bayern Munich player has gained a reputation as an ethical campaigner for taking stands against racism and anti-Semitism. Whether a patient has caught the Corona virus or not can be proven with a certainty of almost 100 per cent. The question of whether you have to work has to be answered by your employer. [283] After nightfall, several members of the police force were injured, who arrested 209 people. Initially they were valid until July 5, but at the end of last week the existing contact restrictions in Bavaria were extended by two more weeks until July 19. They can go for a walk or run together. Those who are still in training or who regularly work less than 25 hours will receive 300 euros. relatives in a straight line. [41] A man from Breisgau who had travelled to Bergamo, Italy also tested positive and underwent isolation. The Federal States ("Bundesländer") take responsibility for further liberalisations of the Corona limitations, but must also react to possible negative consequences. However, exceptions apply, for example, for journeys to work, visits to the doctor or veterinarian, visits to life partners and shopping. This means, for example, that alcohol is no longer allowed to be served in Munich's gastronomy from 10 pm onwards. The long-distance bus company Blablabus will also stop operating tomorrow morning. The indicator communicated by the Robert Koch Institute indicates how many people infected a sick person on average. In the district, there are 46 infected persons per 100,000 inhabitants. After four positive cases of Covid-19-illness were found last week in the refugee accommodation "Pionierkaserne" in Regensburg, the health department of the city has now ordered a screening of the asylum seekers. Music schools: Private lessons will be possible as from Monday (11.5.). They suggested that transmission of the virus may have been facilitated by the low temperatures in the factory, its limited fresh air supply, and the strenuous nature of the work. This is the result of the survey “BR-BayernTrend” carried out by the opinion research institute Infratest dimap. Patients do not have to go to the doctor's office for sick leave. Science Minister Bernd Sibler (CSU) announced this today in Munich. The same applies for registration offices in Salzweg, Pocking and Hauzenberg. They were monitored and quarantined at the München Hospital in Schwabing. The beginning is planned for September 16, and the festival is to last until October 4. In order to support the gastronomy during the Corona crisis, the cabinet has agreed on lowering the V.A.T. In the first 48 hours alone, around 3,000 applications for financial support have already been received, the Ministry of Culture announced. [276] Already before the release of the statement, Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that the recommendations of the report would be "very important" in political decision-making regarding the pandemic. [398] The group Querdenken emerged as the main force in organising protests in Stuttgart[405] – giving rise to the name Querdenken 711, after the dialling code of the city – and other cities. At the same time, the federal government announced the lifting of more restrictions, while contact limitations would remain until 5 June. The first service after a seven week break in the Kölner Dom has been conducted by Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki. The smallest amount of violations since Easter occurred on Tuesday, April 14 (76). According to the Bavarian Interior Ministry, 1,486 people in Bavarian asylum accommodation have been infected with the virus so far. After having nursing homes in Bavaria stop accepting new patients, the government extends these measures to homes for the handicapped, too. A risk analysis predicted how dangerous a global coronavirus outbreak could be. [182], On 11 March, having faced accusations of inaction the previous days, Merkel took the unusual step of dedicating an entire press conference on the topic of the COVID-19 crisis. North Rhine-Westphalia State Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann stated that the shared accommodation of workers in tight quarters was a possible reason for the outbreak. [87], On 6 March, confirmed cases in Heinsberg rose to 220. Previously, there has been a general ban on major events until October 31. The police will intervene rigorously as soon as it is determined that the demonstration regulations issued by the KVR are not being complied with and the event will be dissolved.

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