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https://twitter.com/... SuperData report: the US game industry grew 12% YoY to $139.9B in 2020, as console games rose 28% YoY to $19.7B, but growth is projected to slow to 2% in 2021, 2020 Year In Review: Digital Games and Interactive Media, Berlin-based Mambu, which offers a SaaS platform providing banking services via APIs, raises €100M led by TCV, at a post-money valuation of €1.7B, Banking software start-up Mambu raises $135 million at a $2.1 billion valuation, Mambu's Valuation Hits $2 Billion After TCV-Led Investment Round, Berlin-based Mambu raises $134 million for its SaaS banking platform; now valued at over $2.09 billion, A look at DDoS-Guard, a Russian firm that hosts the official site for Hamas, flagged by US and its allies as a terrorist group, and also services 8kun and 8chan, Nissan confirms that source code of its North America mobile apps and internal tools was leaked online after the company misconfigured one of its Git servers. @simped @anandtech @jimkxa @tenstorrent He worked at DEC with Alpha. Notorious Arizona QAnon promoter “Q Shaman” made it to the congressional dais. Facebook updates Pages with a cleaner design, tools for hosting text-based Q&As, a dedicated News Feed, removes the total amount of “likes”, and more, Facebook redesigns Pages with a more simplified layout and no ‘Like’ button, Facebook Pages to soon lose their like buttons, focus more on followers, Facebook Pages are becoming a whole lot easier to use. Bill Gates was famously unhappy that Xbox didn't run Windows. https://www.protocol.com/... Shopify takes down online stores run by the Trump Organization and Trump campaign for violating its policy against promoting violence, Trump Is Banned on Facebook ‘at Least’ Until His Term is Over, Shopify pulls Donald Trump stores off its platform, Trump organization, campaign stores taken down by Shopify, Shopify Shuts Down Trump's Online Stores Over Violence in US Capitol, Shopify delists Trump-affiliated online stores, Donald Trump suspended from Facebook indefinitely, says Mark Zuckerberg. I've been watching this stream for two hours https://twitter.com/... Too late for this. But higher-ups decided money was more important than democracy. https://twitter.com/... Sources: Alibaba is planning to raise $5B to $8B in a USD-denominated bond sale this month, as China increases scrutiny of Jack Ma's empire, Trump Signs Order to Ban Ma's Alipay, Other Chinese Apps, Facebook's Andrew Bosworth says its smart glasses, built in partnership with Ray-Ban, will arrive “sooner than later” in 2021 without AR features, Start Up No.1458: London faces Covid ICU crisis, Facebook's WhatsApp data grab, Apple's long plan for the M1, do targeted ads work?, and more, Facebook smart glasses will launch this year — but it's not what you expect, Facebooks' “Smart Glasses” sure to hit the markets this year. Facebook says it will now remove all photos and videos posted from the protest because at this point they are promoting criminal activity https://about.fb.com/... https://twitter.com/... speech that presents “clear and present danger” or “imminent lawless action” is not protected under the 1st amendment. There's no evidence to this. Eliminating waste is the holy grail of management science—but overemphasizing it leads to a host of problems. Twitter confirms to CBS News that it has blocked followers of President Trump from commenting on his most recent post and blocked the ability to retweet his post or like the post. You don't have to live that way https://twitter.com/... Facebook and Instagram have both begun blocking content posted with the #StormTheCapitol hashtag and will require admin review for group posts, Big Tech de-platforms Trump after Capitol siege, Shopify hits President Trump where it hurts: His wallet, Archivists Are Preserving Capitol Hill Riot Livestreams Before They're Deleted, Twitch disables President Trump's channel following Capitol attack, Snapchat locked Trump's account after a mob sieged the Capitol building in Washington, Early Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya says platform could have fixed its product years ago, Snapchat joins Twitter and Facebook in blocking Trump's account amidst Capitol violence, Facebook blocks Trump for remainder of term while Twitter sets temporary ban. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/ ... What's happening today is surreal. https://twitter.com/... wow. Please, if you see an interesting, useful or incriminating video or image on Facebook, please download it and archive the page using https://archive.is/ or https://archive.org/ before it is removed. This is a computer security nightmare. Minor as it is, a 24h posting ban is probably the most severe consequence to his actions Trump has ever faced. Ben Thompson, who has defended Twitter and Facebook's decisions not to remove Trump content, says he is willing to make an exception now: “Preserving democracy is, by definition, even higher on the priority stack. It's so exciting to see a technology we've been dreaming of for decades really hit its stride with users and developers. In my hands is a signed Xbox 360. The dangerous leaders that got us here and stoke the flames. They'll need to assume all systems and physical files were compromised, and catalog what of each was stolen, altered or destroyed. ...It's time for @Facebook, @Twitter, and @YouTube to remove Trump. Will Be Wild!’: Trump All but Circled the Date, If You Were on This App, You Saw the Mob Coming, Amazon-owned Twitch has blocked Trump from streaming after the ‘shocking attack on the Capitol’, Insurrectionists' social media presence gives feds an easy way to ID them. https://www.theverge.com/... Live: the sudden realization that technology companies can't make money if the country's government is destroyed. IS. Law enforcement was entirely unprepared for what happened today at the US Capitol. Exclusive: JetBrains, an obscure software company founded in Russia, based in the Czech Republic, is being investigated as playing a role in the Russian hack. We're 30 mins into rioters storming the US Capitol. Shopify has closed its e-commerce sites tied to President Trump. These dudes really line up to see who can do the least and then play tech bro follow the leader. Blame California social media companies for D.C. riot too, The tech platforms are not entirely to blame for Washington unrest, 27 tweets that tell the story of Wednesday's U.S. Capitol riot, ‘Burn the Chambers!’: Stop the Steal Facebook Groups Erupt Amid Capitol Building Siege, Snapchat locks President Donald Trump's account, State Department orders social media silence after mayhem at US Capitol as leaders tweet, WhatsApp is forcing users to share personal data with Facebook, and Elon Musk is urging people to switch to Signal, a smaller encrypted messaging app. Reale Treffen mit der Familie oder den Freunden sind mit der Ausbreitung des Coronavirus weitestgehend verboten - nicht aber in virtueller Form. No doubt driven by which got the biggest updates, but also which are viewed by Apple as as most important. Right before the Trump WH rally yesterday, the administration indicated to business press that they were looking to blacklist Tencent and Alibaba owned companies, including the gaming ones. Starburst, a startup based around an open-source data analytics project from Facebook called Presto, raises $100M Series C led by a16z, valuing it at $1.2B, An oral history from 24 people describing how Microsoft developed the original Xbox, initially an over-budget ungainly product, and reshaped the gaming industry, Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo - but was laughed out of the room, Microsoft Xbox team once tried to buy Nintendo, who ‘laughed their asses off’, Microsoft Sought To Buy Nintendo, EA, And More In Early Days Of Xbox, Nintendo “laughed their asses off” when Microsoft asked about acquisition, Nintendo “Laughed Their Asses Off” When Microsoft Tried to Purchase Them in 2000. This means that the account of @realDonaldTrump will be locked for 12 hours following the removal of these Tweets. Their products made this completely frictionless. (He was already blocked last year from his content appearing on Discover. And yet, for researchers studying these online networks and the participatory dynamics of disinformation, there's this strange comfort — everyone else can finally see what we've been seeing... for years. https://twitter.com/... “No one should be under the illusion that deplatforming Trump will end the erosion of our democracy,” writes @CaseyNewton. It values the company at more than $300M. In regard to the ongoing situation in Washington, D.C., we are working proactively to protect the health of the public conversation occurring on the service and will take action on any content that violates the Twitter Rules. Smart. I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. Confirming this. The other is https://t.co/..., the “the official retail website of The Trump Organization”. Deplatform him or allow him to keep tweeting, the conspiracy theorists will use either and any action to fuel their grievances. Reminder fo what capitol “security” in full military-grade riot gear looked like for Black Lives Matter protests this summer. I think that's dangerous. He's spent four years saying “violence is good when it is from my supporters towards my opponents”. Bond and Index are new investors. Whether online conspiracy theories matter. He worked at Apple with Arm. BREAKING: Facebook blocking the President from posting for 24 hours. Among its customers are SolarWinds, Google, Siemens, HP, VMWare with @sangernyt @julianbarnes https://www.nytimes.com/... Is it the way it usually works that one finds out about own investigation from the press? https://www.cnbc.com/... Big #fintech news today as we hear that @SoFi is going public via a SPAC that values the firm at $8.65 billion. Shopify terminates stores affiliated with Trump, Shopify takes down Trump's campaign store, Shopify removes stores affiliated with Trump, Shopify Pulls Plug on Trump Organization's Online Store. The lawlessness and violence occurring on Capitol Hill today is the antithesis of democracy and we strongly condemn it. Your silence is disappointing at the least and criminal at worst.” https://www.buzzfeednews.com/ ... via @RMac18. Watkins has spent the morning saying the Georgia runoff was rigged by the Italians. He worked at Broadcom with MIPS. SCOOP: Online lending startup @SoFi is nearing a deal to go public through a merger with Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp V, a #SPAC led by venture capital investor Chamath Palihapitiya $IPOE Story with @ASenjourno & @readkrystalhu https://www.reuters.com/... https://twitter.com/... Sofi going public via SPAC. very glad to see them follow Twitter's lead on this. It was only a matter of time. I also assume it's preparing for a Dems gov and starting opportunistic appeasement. It's a little late for that. The natsec/infosec implications of the coup attempt are staggering - not just in Pelosi's office. Outstanding and positive for our nation! https://twitter.com/... Facebook and Instagram have banned President Trump from posting for the next 24 hours citing two policy violations, Facebook and Twitter temporarily lock Trump's accounts amid unrest, Tim Cook mourns ‘sad and shameful’ day, says ‘we must complete the transition’ to the Biden administration. So Trump has access to the nuclear codes but he can't Tweet or post to Facebook. ... Twitter, Facebook and others had long resisted cracking down on Mr. Trump's posts and other toxic content. He's indefinitely banned from Facebook and Instagram, his Twitter access is suspended and Shopify just shut down his campaign's online store. all need held accountable. WhatsApp Will Soon Begin Sharing Data With Facebook, If you're a WhatsApp user, you'll have to share your personal data with Facebook from next month - and no, you can't opt-out this time, WhatsApp now requires users to share data with Facebook, WhatsApp will share your data with Facebook and its companies, WhatsApp to Require Users to Share Data With Facebook Via New Privacy Policy, WhatsApp gives users an ultimatum: share data with Facebook or stop using the app. https://twitter.com/... NEW: FB removes the President from the platform past the transition date. There have been good arguments for private companies to not silence elected officials, but all those arguments are predicated on the protection of constitutional governance. https://www.bloomberg.com/... @nickstatt AR requires new technology at almost every level of the stack to deliver in a form factor we think people will find acceptable. Before Georgia, #NetNeutrality advocates were facing a gridlock in Congress and the possibility that the incoming president wouldn't be able to appoint his own FCC commissioners. Oder wechseln Sie zu dieser Seite bezüglich weiterer Informationen über CAD und Möglichkeiten, ein CAD-Modell zu finden. Kontakt Amsterdamer Str. There is a company-wide Q&A tomorrow. Users' “...WhatsApp account registration and phone number, transaction data, service-related information, interaction information, mobile device information, IP address” and “other information” based on your consent, will be shared w/Facebook. Terrorism and political violence caused by Donald Trump, Fox News, facebook, Republican lawmakers. Read our latest stories including opinions here. 967 talking about this. I take off my Oculus. This is not reality TV, this is real life. Zuckerberg says Facebook is extending the block it has placed on Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts “indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks”, Facebook will block Trump from posting at least for the remainder of his term, Our Response to the Violence in Washington, Pro-Trump reporter gloats over access to fleeing Hill staffer's computer, Pelosi Says House May Seek Impeachment if Cabinet Doesn't Act, Amazon is still selling Trump merchandise after Shopify took down the president's official campaign store, Facebook bans Trump from posting for remainder of his term in office, Signal sees surge in new signups after boost from Elon Musk and WhatsApp controversy, Facebook blocks Trump account ‘indefinitely’ after Capitol violence, Trump banned from Facebook indefinitely, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says, Twitch Suspends Donald Trump's Channel To Prevent Him From Inciting ‘Further Violence’, Twitch has suspended Donald Trump's account to prevent ‘further violence’, Facebook and Instagram Indefinitely Ban Trump's Account, Facebook Bans Trump ‘Indefinitely’ For Inciting Violence, Even Mark Zuckerberg Has Had Enough of Trump, Mark Zuckerberg Blocks Donald Trump's Facebook, Instagram Accounts Indefinitely, Facebook Is Blocking Trump From Posting Until at Least Inauguration Day, Twitch Disables President Trump's Account, Citing “Incendiary Rhetoric”, Elon Musk Blames Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg For Capitol Riot, POLITICO Playbook: The darkest views of Donald Trump, confirmed, Facebook suspends Trump until the end of his presidency, Calls for Apple to remove Parler from the App Store grow following insurrection attempt. The Marxist takeover escalates. They are accessories to the felonies we are seeing on our TVs ... and many others. We haven't seen any indication that they were even targeted, much less seriously attacked. Among its customers are SolarWinds, Google, Siemens, HP, VMWare with @sangernyt @julianbarnes https://www.nytimes.com/... Is it the way it usually works that one finds out about own investigation from the press? And those engaged in violence are hurting the cause they say they support. We were invaded. This web application is written in XQuery on top of an eXist-db and powers weber-gesamtausgabe.de.Needless to say the code is tailor-made to fit our data (see example-data and the corresponding TEI ODD schemata) but can hopefully serve as a starting point for likewise ventures.. Prerequisites. His staff declined to share details, citing an ongoing investigation. Like, imagine an hour of somebody just laughing at you. Trump Must Be Impeached Now. when mike speiser has a good feeling and wants to invest in a company, do you think they say his speisey sense is tingling? You've got blood on your hands, @jack and Zuck. As QAnon people descend upon DC, it's been a full month since Q last posted. They even tried to buy Square Enix! This policy seems wildly overly broad and vague, par for the course when social media platforms make moderation decisions based on news cycles https://twitter.com/... How about 14 days. https://www.bloomberg.com/... Great story by @dinabass. This gets Facebook the headline. No widgets. We are also exploring other escalated enforcement actions and will keep the public updated with any significant developments. It took more than four hours for Mark Zuckerberg to say anything to employees. Smart. “This is America. These are difficult decisions; with multiple POVs that are never black and white, all shifting in real-time, with millions of users sure to hate whatever you decide. It only took five years, many deaths, and the complete and utter destruction of our democracy and literal Capitol building, but Trump is finally removed from Facebook. https://twitter.com/... [Thread] Twitter says Trump's account will be locked for 12 hours following removal of recent tweets, and further violations will result in permanent suspension, Twitter and Facebook Lock Trump's Accounts After Violence on Capitol Hill, Twitter will reinstate Trump's account following his deletion of tweets, Twitter says Trump's account is locked, and he's facing a ban, Trump blocked from Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat after violence on Capitol Hill, A fake facial recognition company is spreading the false ‘antifa’ narrative, Snapchat Blocks Trump From Posting, Joining Twitter and Facebook, Twitch suspends Trump account following insurrection at US Capitol, President Trump Loses Social Media Platform Reach: Banned From Facebook, Twitter And YouTube, Trump deletes tweets after being banned from Twitter [Updated].

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